Advantages of Travelling With Companion

Posted on 06 September 2018 (0)

To travel alone or with companion? A question that runs through a lot of travellers’ minds, the answer to which is always divided. This is because humans are different and each to his own character, personality, ways, etc. for instance, a loner is bound to think travelling solo is the better idea while a more social, outgoing, and outspoken person would most likely enjoy travelling with friends.

I am of the believe that travelling with companion beats travelling solo and below are the various reasons why I would rather travel with someone by my side rather than nobody.

  1. Convenience: Making the decision to travel with a friend or relative will definitely prove to be convenient for the both of you. You get to do some things more freely without panicking as you are certain you have someone or people who got your back. For example, you could go take a leak or a dump deep in the forest without being worried about someone making away with your car or/and valuables. Carrying of things is also made easier likewise taking pictures as you have someone to hand over your phone to rather than going to disturb the peace of total strangers.
  2. It is Cheaper: Travelling with companion is way lot cheaper than deciding to travel solo. For instance, you and your companion could share gas money, rent the same hotel room and split the bills in half, you could order breakfast and dinner and share payments equally. Things that would have otherwise been paid for in full if you were alone. It is however important to travel with someone who has the same mind set when it comes to expenses as you.
  3. Liveliness All the Way: Going on a journey or trip with a companion can and will drastically reduce the moments of boredom you would have otherwise experienced had you travelled solo. While you might be initially satisfied with listening to your car stereo, that feeling will fade and you would be miles away from home, bored, and wishing you had brought someone along.
  4. A More Enjoyable Travel Experience: Experiences are only as good as what we attach them to and who we experienced them with. Being in a strange land with your best friend has the potential to be more fun provided he/she is not a killjoy. You might get to try new things, visit new places, and have an overall better travel experience than you would have if you had gone alone.
  5. Safety: Borrowing from what I said in the first point, you could go take a leak or dump comfortably while travelling with a companion. Asides this, there is a sense of calmness that one feels when he is not alone. You get the feeling that nothing bad could happen as you have your friend(s) or/and relative(s) in the back seat.


As said earlier, each individual has his own beliefs as long as the topic of travelling solo or with companion is concerned. If you are however torn as to which is the better option, read the reasons given above and see why travelling with companion is absolutely better than going it alone.

Get thrilled in Nigeria

Posted on 20 June 2018 (0)

A lot of negative media image has seemed to consistently trail the continent of Africa in recent times. News reports about wars and poverty are repeatedly flashed across cable TV stations. But the truth is that this is only a very tiny part of the full story. The truth is that the continent of Africa is very beautiful. Endowed with a lot of natural landmarks; hills, mountains, waterfalls, and various types of vegetation with wildlife, Africa is a really beautiful place to be.

In this piece we will be convincing you to check out some nice places in Africa’s most populous nation- Nigeria. Nigeria, a country of about 180 million people, has so many stunningly beautiful features that will thrill your aesthetic sense endlessly. Located in the Western part of Nigeria with a tropical weather, diverse cultures, languages, and tribes, and a booming economy. A trip to Nigeria will offer you both a deep cultural and historical experience as well as a stunning view of some “out of this world” natural features.

Below are some of the sites and sights to expect in Nigeria

  • Colorful Festivals and Carnivals: With a widely varied culture consisting of over 300 tribes and many languages, this fusion of cultures provides some really interesting sights on display. From the eyo festival in Lagos state (South West), to the annual Calabar carnival in Cross river state (South South) and the world renowned Osun-Osogbo Festival (South West), there are also the camel and horse riding durbans held in Northern cities like Kano, you’ll definitely catch one of these during your visit no matter the time of the year you choose to go.
  • Parks and Games Reserves: There’s the Yankari games’ reserve in Bauchi state, a site where you can safely observe wild animals in their natural habitat. You can also visit the Kainji lake national park; this lake is where the Kainji Dam is located, a source of hydro-electric power generation for the country.
  • Luxurious Beaches: Being a nation with some cities along the coastline, Nigeria has some of Africa’s most beautiful beaches. Start with the Coconut beach in Badagry, as the name implies, you’ll find a lot of coconut trees here under which to find shade from the heat of the tropical sun. Beyond just being a beach site, this location also contains some history about the slave trade as it was through here that slaves to be sold were transported outside Nigeria in the years of the slave trade. There’s also the popular bar beach and the privately owned Elegushi beach among others.
  • Waterfalls and springs: Nigeria just seems to have it all as far as natural features are concerned. Starting with the Olumirin water falls in Erin Ijesa, Osun state, there’s also the Ikongosi Warm springs in Ekiti where hot and cold water mix naturally, fancy checking that out. The Awhu Waterfall in Enugu state, south east Nigeria is also a delight to visit any day.

Either you are a first time visitor or a returning tourist, Nigeria always has something fun to offer you.

Secrets About Travel You Can Learn From experts

Posted on 13 May 2018 (0)

You might think that you know everything there is to know about traveling. This is because you have traveled before. However, there are some secrets that many people don’t consider or don’t know about. If you want to make the best out of your traveling plans, you need to make sure that you know these secrets. These are coming from experts that have traveled for a long time:

Know the culture of the country you are going to visit

You should make sure that you are going to know the culture of the country you are going to visit. This is the only way that you can be sure that you are not doing anything that isn’t allowed in the country.

You don’t want to disrespect a country and their customs. And, therefore you need to know what is different about the country. Then, you will know exactly what to expect from your visit to a foreign country with a different culture.

Making sure that you have copies of the most important documents

The last thing that you want to do, is to be stranded in a foreign country because your documents were stolen. Yes, this does happen, and you need to make sure that you are going to have a backup. This is why you should make sure that you have copies of all the most important documents like your passport, visa, and ID.

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You should also store it in a different place where you are storing the original documents. If the documents are stolen, you have something to get you back home again. The more copies you make, the safer you are going to be.

Have contact details of friends and family on backup

Don’t just have your contact details of friends and family on your phone. If the phone is getting stolen, you can’t phone anyone and tell them that you are still okay. You should make a list of the most important people in your contact list on your phone.  You should store this in your suitcase.

Then, when your phone is stolen, you will still have all the necessary numbers of friends and family with you. This is one of the biggest mistakes that people can make. By not making backups of telephone numbers before they are visiting another country.

Secrets about traveling to foreign countries by experts. And, if you are honest these are some secrets that you didn’t even consider. This is because we don’t always think about the details of traveling to a foreign country and to make sure that you are still safe and able to contact your family and friends. These secrets are secrets that you should remember and do every time that you are traveling to a foreign country for a holiday or business trip.